District Leaders

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District Chair: Greg Small

District Vice Chairs: Glenn Coté, Hugo Hernandez
Mark Lampert and Tom Rosholt

District Commissioner: Dan Doggett

Assistant District Commissioners:

District Director: Maricela Orendain
District Executive: Yesenia Zeron

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Chair: Glenn Coté

New Unit Team Members:
Glenn Coté
Dana Sapper
Luc Gravelle
Allison Friedman

Webelos 2 Scout Transition:
Chris Shining
Dante Bartoletti

TBD by Membership Committee

TBD by Membership Committee

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Chair: Mark Lampert

Special Events/Community Subcommittee:
Chair: Ken Chong
Aaron Leon
Ted Arlauskas
Kevin MacKelvie
Anja Kloch
Luc Gravelle

Additional Special Events:
Nathan Wolfstein
Fred Mercer

Wayne Schulman
Christopher McManus

Hugo Hernandez

Popcorn and Camp Cards
Luc Gravelle
Amanda Lovett

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Chair: Tom Rosholt

Training Co-Chair: Tom Rosholt
Training Co-Chair: George Osorio

Training Committee:
Phil Connery
Tom Rosholt
George Osorio
Yitzchok Klutch

Camp Promotion and Outdoor Program Co-Chairs:
Zev Castiel
Eric Eigenbrodt

Activities and Civic Service Co-Chairs:
Kevin Mackelvie
Tom Weissbarth

Youth Protection Training Chair:
Melissa Valdez

Cliff Stuart (Camporee)
Kathy James (Cuboree)
Mark Bodine (Advisor)

District Dinner: TBD

Awards Chair: Kevin Bryan


Advancement Committee:

Chair: Robert Dean

Advancement and Recognition, Boy Scouts:
Patty Crabtree

Advancement and Recognition, Cub Scouts:
Kathy James

High Honors Chair: Dave Schwartz

High Honors Co-Chair: Glenn Crites

Merit Badge Coordinator: Jolene Buck

Order of the Arrow Chapter Advisor: Kurt Leier

Additional Members at Large:
Don Sears
Fred Mercer
Stan Friedman
Jack Bair

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