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Cahuenga District Camporee 2006
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001_2171 Tejon Ranch - Before Scouts 002_2175 Look who came to greet us on Friday morning. 003_2178 Tejon Ranch 004_2181 Wild Flowers 005_2195 Greeting Committee 006_2196 Ranch Bosses 007_2198 More Greeting Committee 008_2208 Crackerbarrel 009_2211 OA Serves Breakfast 010_2214 OA Serves Breakfast 011_2218 Mr. Karp Calls in the Troups 012_2221 Flag Ceremony 013_2227 Opening Assembly 014_2237 Opening Assembly 015_Camporee_Panorama_2crp Opening Assembly 016_2238 Archery 017_2247 OA Serves Lunch 018_2256 Troop 104 Gateway 019_2275 Campfire 020_2277 Campfire 021_2281 Campfire 022_2293 Castac Lake at Sunrise 023_2301 Hey, we still have some wood left! 024_2318 Mr. Karp receives his lovely parting gifts. 025_2322 Call to Service 026_2329 Scouts Own 027_2331 Scouts Own 028_2335 Scouts Own 029_2338 Spirit Award Ceremony 030_2339 Spirit Award Ceremony 031_2340 Spirit Award Ceremony 032_2343 Troop 18 Wins the Spirit Stick 033_2173 Leave No Trace